What People Are Saying

"Could not be more excited."

"I am so happy with the results and attention to detail that I received from you guys. This has been by far the best experience with cover designs that I have ever received." [more]

Dale Silvey
Gadsden, Alabama

"All 3 of my revisions were free."

"My experience was amazing & inspiring. I would highly recommend this service to anyone that needs a professional cover that is cost effective, realistic, & most importantly - legal." [more]

Thomas Barnikow
Saginaw Valley State University

"The cover looked almost TOO real."

"I asked another cover designing site about revisions. They said each revision is like $29! No thanks! With you guys, it was not only free, but limitless. That's all I needed to know." [more]

Jonathon Chase
Los Angeles, California

"Too beautiful to put on my site."

"These new covers made every other graphic on my website look bad. The designer was amazing. Now I have attractive covers for selling my DVD sermons. Thank you & God bless." [more]

Billy Jennings
Go Tell Them Ministries

"I can't say enough good things."

"Not only do they stand by and guarantee their work but they actually care about your 100% satisfaction. They charge nothing for revisions which is truly unheard of in this industry." [more]

Lesle B.
Baltimore, Maryland

"Makes me look like a hero!"

"I manage the product packaging for an information marketer and [you have] been extremely valuable to me. Unlimited revisions are free, which is incredible." [more]

Christina Farrell
Chicago, Illinois

"Delivered the same day."

"I didn't need any revisions. I was quite happy (and surprised). I am thinking about using that design to commercially print an actual box cover later in the future." [more]

Patricia S.
Website Developer
Alabama, USA

"Blew My Mind..."

"The moment I saw it, I knew that it was worth being placed on every book shelf of every book store. Thank you so much for this excellent experience."

Rabboni Allen
Author of: Make Your Dogs Resist Ticks Forever
Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

"A smoothe experience"

"I was constantly making last minute changes. I'm really happy that the cost of the revisions were free, because making a bunch of last minute changes is something I do often, especially for projects that have to do with designing images. The designer was really flexible with me, though. He was patient & worked with me each time.

I'm very happy about the service & will use it again. If they were able to serve someone who's picky like I am, a regular customer will definitely have a smoothe experience."

Abu Alib Gavde
Sharjah, UAE

"Impressed our fanbase."

"I got a lot of compliments about the cover of the animated series I'm creating. It impressed our fanbase & makes me feel more confident about my work. I feel a bit challenged when I work on new things, but when I have such talented designers making the covers look so amazing, it really helps me build confidence in the new things I create.

Its quite an adrenaline rush working with these guys, & I feel that I can go farther in my work because of your staff's talents. Thank you, Bruce."

Nina Nethithesaporn
Manila, Philippines


"The cover for my book is a beautiful, very simple, and elegant image. The bold letters and font catches your eyes. The title blends nicely with the background that gives the city a silhouette of the northern lights."

Asuka Natsume
Author of: Deviant Renditions
Chicago, Illinois

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