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    Custom 3D Cover Design

    Completion Time: 3 Business Days

    Want to supercharge your sales? Our cover design can dramatically increase your virtual or tangible product's sales & signups. 3D covers give more expensive products significant value as well. Turn your product into a sales-generating masterpiece today.

    We will design the 3D eCover of your choice that will match your product beautifully. You will get:

    1. A beautiful 3D cover in JPG & PNG formats
    2. 3 different sizes (thumbnail, medium, & large)
    3. Company logo implementation (if needed)
    4. Complete customization of angle & colors
    5. Stunning, realistic quality
    box cover design

    Benefits of 3D Cover Design

    1. Enhance your product sales sharply
    2. Enhance your product's value
    3. Boost your website's email signups

    Custom 2D Cover Design

    Completion Time: 3 Business Days

    Get a beautiful 2D cover created. We will create a powerful 2D cover that you can promote on your website, any online store, or anywhere else you sell your product. With our cover, you will make your product look even more attractive to customers.

    We'll create the 2D eCover type you selected & will give you:

    1. A 2D cover in JPG & PNG format
    2. Three different sizes (thumbnail, medium, & large)
    3. Logo integration
    magazine cover design

    Benefits of 2D Cover Design

    1. Increase product sales
    2. Beautify your product
    3. Add more product value

    Bundle Cover Design

    Completion Time: 5 Business Days

    Want an even stronger sales-producing cover for your product? Take your cover design to the next level & get an amazing, realistic set of FIVE covers designed as a bundle.

    Bundle designs dramatically boost a product's value, which is absolutely crucial for anyone selling an expensive product.

    All bundle orders have the following features:

    1. Choose five 3D eCovers to have arranged into a bundle.
    2. Get customization of the 3D covers & angles.
    3. Get the bundle delivered to you in both PNG & JPG formats.
    4. Enjoy unrivaled, life-like design quality.
    book cover design

    Benefits of Bundles

    1. Extreme sales boost
    2. Extreme product value
    3. Extreme aesthetic design

    Complete Sales Page Design

    Completion time: 4 Business Days

    Need even more? Get an entire SEO-friendly sales page already designed for you out of the box, PACKED with many features & at a great price.

    All sales pages designed by us will have:

    1. Multiple features (listed above) packed in
    2. A beautiful 3D eCover INCLUDED
    3. Powerful SEO benefits

    We can also write the entire SEO-rich sales copy of your sales page for you (up to 1500 words) for just $99 (requires 1 additional business day). Just click on the "Order with Sales Copy" button.

    squeeze & sales page design minisite

    Sales Page Benefits

    1. Will look just like your cover
    2. Captivating, advanced design
    3. 3D Cover is INCLUDED!

    Complete Sales Design WITH Bundle

    Completion time: 6 Business Days

    We can create EVERYTHING for your product or service. Your sales page design will come with a beautiful set of 5 different eCovers arranged into a bundle.

    1. ALL the features of our sales page design
    2. A sales-producing bundle
    3. Powerful SEO benefits

    We can also write the entire SEO-rich sales copy of your sales page for you (up to 1500 words) for just $99 (requires 1 additional business day). Just click on the "Order with Sales Copy" button.

    squeeze & sales page design minisite

    Benefits of This Order

    1. Dramatically increase sales
    2. Dramatically increase value
    3. Mesmerise EVERY customer

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Unlimited Revisions

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No matter how many revisions you need, we'll do it each time. Period.

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100% Legal Artwork

Your artwork will be legal & original. Unlike many other designers, we do not steal artwork stock to complete any graphic design projects.

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